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Starter Stats Package

Games Played

Advanced Stats Package

Number of Snipes (bow kills from long distance)
Kill-to-death Ratio
Average Kills Per Game
Average Deaths Per Game
Avg Points Per Game
Percentage Wins
Percentage Captures

Elite Stats Package

Protection Kills (when you protect the flag carrier)
Protection Snipes (protecting the flag carrier with a snipe)
Clutch Recoveries (recovering the flag within 8 blocks of a capture)
Longest Snipe
Longest Clutch Snipe (clutch recoveries from long distance)
Number of Clutch Snipes (clutch recoveries from long distance)
Arrows Fired
Arrows Landed
Bow Kills
Arrow Hit Ratio


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Current Win Streak
Longest Win Streak
Current Kill Streak
Longest Kill Streak
Current Cap Streak
Longest Cap Streak

More Perks!

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Hall of Leaders Access
"Leader change" notifications "Ethelete passed Limelighter ..."
In-Game Tab List shows:
- Ranked player identifier (See which players are top ranked)
- Kills and deaths for all players
Death Messages include 1v1 K/d record for current game:
- Example: "You killed Limelighter 3-2"
- Example: "You were killed by Ethelete 0-15"


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Chat Prefix None VIP (green) VIP+ (bright green)
Receive server mail with /mail
Send mail with /mail send
Direct messaging with /msg and /r
Chat colors
Chat formatting (in Hub and Build)


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/namemycredits Change 'credits' to cheezes, boogers, or anything!
/ignore Command
/hat Command(in the Hub)
/stats Command (shows your stats)
/stats [player] Command (shows stats for other players)
/chatreport Command (coming soon)
/report Command
/fly in the Hub

Perks in development

Features in development may be changed, improved or discontinued, but as of now, this is our plan.
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Map Vote Multiplier 2x
Customize your ‘gg’ with /setmygg
Particle effect in lobbies and hub
Particle effect in games
Vote for Game Modifiers (1x)
Vote for Game Modifiers (2x)
Join mini-map queue from Lobby