Become a Wize Maker

Build and play your own maps on Wize!

If you’ve never felt the thrill of playing Capture The Flag with friends on your own map, this is your chance! To unlock a plot on Wize, request a Maker rank below.

Becoming a Maker isn’t difficult. It’s not just for pro builders. Your ticket to building on Wize is simply an idea for a Capture The Flag map, and your commitment to making something fun!

In a couple of sentences, tell us what you'd like to build. What is your theme or concept? What will make it unique or interesting? If you don't have an idea yet, no problem, just come back and request when inspiration strikes!
You don't need to use WorldEdit to build on Wize, but if you share your level of experience, it helps us help you.
You may include either your valid email address or your full Discord ID (username#0000). Any requests without one of these will be ignored.