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Stone Map Challenge Winners

Congrats to @okinoaha and @dog ! Oki’s map is a great example of how a great playing capture the flag map can be built without reliance on style or materials. Rushing and defending this map will be super fun. Japan’s map, though somewhat traditional in layout, has some really interesting twists and paths that make game play interesting.

Both Oki’s and Japan’s map were designed first in stone only, THEN after the layout and gameplay decisions were made, (a copy of) each map was completed in full without any block limitations.

We determined the winner by reviewing the stone maps exclusively, and NOT the completed versions with “all blocks”. Having said that, after we determined the winner, we then had a look at the styled versions of these maps and found that it would have been much more difficult to decide the winner had we judged the “all block” maps first. In other words, Oki’s map is a unique layout with inspiring game play, but Japan’s map, though somewhat standard in terms of layout, may have gained an edge in its finished form. Because of this, we’ve chosen to add both stone maps for the rest of June, then each will be replaced by their finished version for the month of July. And if we can work it out we may include a “hybrid” where half of the map is stone!

The takeway here is that a good map can be built by focusing on gameplay before aesthetics. Take a look at all four maps. See if you agree!

From our Minecraft Build server:

Visit Okinoaha’s maps: /p h okinoaha
Visit JapanCrafter’s maps: /p h japancrafter

Special thanks to everyone who participated including @raoul @LizTee @viciouscat77 and @xEtriax, who will all receive a 500-credit bonus at our upcoming reset!

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