We’ve released our /stats command! You can check your own stats in-game with /stats me and if you’re a VIP+, you can /stats <player> to get another player’s stats. For the time being, stats may only be pulled for online players (on the same server as you). We will be working on a Stats GUI soon, as well as web tokens that will open your stats in a browser.

Everyone will be able to do /stats me to see their own stats in game. VIP+ will be able to /stats <player> to see others’ stats. The available stats will depend on both the rank of the player issuing the command and the player whose stats they want. So if a VIP+ request stats for a non-ranked player, only the Starter Stats Package is returned. Also, a player cannot retrieve a stats package that is higher than their rank’s stats package. For instance, a VIP cannot pull Elite Stats by running /stats on a VIP+. In this case they’d receive the Advanced Stats and Starter Stats for VIPs.

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