Why monthly subscriptions? That’s weird.

I want Wize to be here for you. And to thrive for all of us. I want to continue building on what we’ve grown to love. Together we’ve built this vision for a positive community of Capture The Flag competitors and creative builders. I will not settle for mediocrity. As you know by now, we are here for the long journey. Thanks to everyone’s contribution and a ton of hard work, we’ve reached an important milestone in our growth. As we continue to grow together, it’s critical that Wize has a steady flow of income. Without you, and your support, we close. With you, we thrive!.

So far, the “nerve” family has been covering the costs of our development and infrastructure. As our network grows, we cannot continue this. So we’ve built a pricing approach that helps us keep player’s costs relatively low with short-term commitments. Our pricing approach helps us ensure we can be here for you and that we can commit to constant innovation, mature staff involvement, network growth, and player growth—both in numbers and as people.

We also need to be able to support our thriving Minecraft Build Server as more great builders learn they can have the thrill of watching players compete on their own maps! We want to be able to continue developing great new features, abilities, game modifiers, stats and presentations of stats, leaderboards, and more. All of this requires a commitment that a steady flow of income enables.

As CTF lovers, we’ve known for years how it feels to be neglected and dismissed. Your monthly contribution ensure’s that doesn’t happen at Wize. As builders, we’ve known for years how it feels to spend weeks or months building maps, creating promo videos, and submitting to forums only to realize no one was actually paying attention, ever. Your monthly contribution ensure’s that doesn’t happen at Wize.


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