The Insiders

I’m thankful for all the CTB insiders who’ve helped tremendously during our Minecraft server beta!

HypEric9918, Okinoaha, karried, Tropproblem, BMW_7Series, unhot, bublicious2, frogcake, JapanCrafter, FindingLove, LizTee, vicouscat77, WhiteRecycling, Lecta_Orinosto, bigdino64, krofp, MineMuppet, euforic, rxzzle, PourDaily, EarthEl3mental, Ninja_Bros101, MicahScarry, Limelighter, CambrianEmpire, Kops, Mitsake, MadGasket, tacksey, mattiebob3, skwirral, snekies, Elodies, MrEps, Liamotron, xShine, siexxa, LoveThyself, p0pzicle, Grimmbo

I’ve added a few players who just barely missed 50 games but who have also been really helpful. There are also some long time server friends who aren’t on this list who may also be getting an insider diamond.

Big gratitude for all the patience, bug reports, and your support!

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