Exciting Times

We’re committed to going legit, full-time, open 24/7 on June 1st! But what does that really mean? Many of us have already been enjoying the fruit of our work together. We’ve been building, coding, playing, and testing for nearly 18 months. Hundreds of hours have been put into this by all the gracious and talented builders who have made this possible. So now, we’re about to go “official”. Here are some things we should expect from the change.

THE WHITELIST will remain. Our whitelist is the first step in ensuring our players feel a part of something good. It also gives us an opportunity to be personal and to communicate what matters to us. Any players who want to join Wize will still need to request access at our website. It will stay ezpz.

RANKS and PERKS will be live on 6/1! We hope you’ll rank up and support Wize! We need you! Spread the word. Also, we will be honoring our promise to allow anyone who had received an in kind rank to keep it until June 2020. Beginning June 1st, those ranks will be reset to Guest. Any perks that were enabled for everyone during the CTB beta will be reset. For instance, the Hall of Leaders will become exclusive to VIPs, fall damage will become a thing, and the Strong Feet mojo (ability) will become available.

On STATS and CREDITS: The bad news: We will be resetting statistics, xp and credits twice before our launch: once on 5/1 and on 6/1. The good news: Any player who is in the top 20 of the leaderboard (based on points) on 6/1 OR who has at least 50 games played during the month of May will start at launch with a 2000 CREDIT BONUS, which is enough to get Strong Feet Level 1 –AND– they’ll receive a permanent “CTB Insider” emerald ◆ prefix for their display name. When we’re all famous, this will prove to any doubters that you were here from the start!

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