News for Wize Builders

IMPORTANT IF YOU’RE BUILDING ON WIZECRAFT: We have began a transition to using Plots for building instead of worlds. As part of this we will be moving all existing map builds to new plots. If you receive a direct message saying that your map has been moved to a plot, there are two things you need to do. First, stop working in your world. Second, get online with me and let me assign you as the owner of the plot. I cannot do this when you’re offline.


Only after I’ve assigned you as the plot owner, you will be teleported to your plot each time you join the build server. You can also type /plot visit from anywhere on the Build Server to get to your plot. Unless you’ve specified a home (a spawn point) using /plot set home , this will place you at the edge of your plot. To get to the center of the plot, make sure you’re inside the plot, and type /plot center. Soon I’ll be posting more tips on using the plot system and how to get started building.

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