Map Showcasing

ABOUT PLAYER-BUILT MAP SHOWCASES We’ve decided that during our beta period, we’d occasionally like to showcase maps that are made by people in the community. We want map makers to get a chance to play their maps, even if it’s only during our beta. These maps would, of course, need to meet some basic criteria, but they would not need to have our Review Team’s official approval. The maps do have a chance to become part of our official list, but only after approval of the Review Team. We will be keeping our map standards high.

For this week’s player-built showcase (for tonight’s CTB) we’ll get a look at @HypEric9918’s map Lost Realm! Be sure to tell him thanks or gj !

IN THE FUTURE we will have a system where community maps are ranked, giving anyone the potential to push a map into the official pool, but also maps will gain exposure through our future map list, which will include “rising stars” maps as well as random new maps from community builders.

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