Team Balance

ON TEAM BALANCING: We have a new and improved method which prevents games from having the same teams each time. How it works: The balancing system sorts the lobby by player points, putting the players with the highest points at the top of the list. Then it groups the top two players into a pair (so, #1 and #2 in the points order). From this pair it randomly places them into opposite teams. Then it creates a pair from players #3 and #4 and does the same thing, and so on. If there’s one player left over (an odd number of players) the last player is placed on the team with the least points. So we have a well balanced game with some randomization to the teams.

The future of team balance

We will have three sorting methods that will be selected at random. 1) sorted by points 2) sorted by k/d, and 3) sorted by win percentage. This will give us good balance and variety.

Also, any players with less than 15 games played are not considered for sorting, so they are placed randomly. This prevents a new player who has played only 3 games, and won all of them, from being at the top of the sorted list of Win Percentages. Or it prevents a player who played only 5 games, but has a 5:1 k/d, from being at the top of the sorted list of K/Ds.

[Edit] The three team balancing methods I mentioned above that I said would be the future….yep…they’re live! Here are the details.

Will we ever allow players to pick teams?

Short answer: No

Long answer: Two main reasons players like to pick teams … 1) to play on the same team with friends AND 2) to increase chances of winning, otherwise known as “stacking”. We’ll address the first reason later, but let’s look at stacking for a second. Stacking has several negative effects: – frustrates new players who have long losing/death streaks to stackers – creates a false sense of accomplishment – allows less effective players to ride “the wings” of better players, which skews the authenticity of statistics and leaderboards. – more quickly puts sought-after leader positions out of reach to new players There’s also the idea of reverse stacking, where new players unknowingly stack the game against themselves by picking a team, which pits them against a lobby full of veterans who did NOT pick a team. We don’t want that either.

What’s our future plan to help people play with friends? Clans and Clan Wars are in the development pipeline. We also have plans to allow parties to join games together, but they will not be allowed to play on the same team unless another party joins the same lobby with, at least, say, 70% of the first party’s total points (or 70% of whatever value is being used to sort the lobby, for instance 70% of the first party’s win percentage). Just an idea that needs further development.

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